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Telex (RTS) BP-325 Two Wire Intercom Beltpack with Headset

The Telex (RTS) BP-325 is a Two Wire, 2 Channel Intercom System Beltpack that allows the user to monitor two channels of intercom simultaneously

The BP-325 is programmable and can be set up for program audio input in addition to two channels of intercom.  Other programmable options:  Stereo or Mono Listen; Talk On/Off, momentary, or Disabled, 




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What's Included:

1 BP-325 Beltpack

1 Power Supply

Operator's Manual

1 25 Pin to XLR Adapter for System A & B Input/Output

1 25 Pin to 2 Ethernet RJ-45 Connector

1 RJ-45 to RJ12 Connector for Adam/Cronus Interface

1 25 Pin to Bare Wire Terminal Connection Box




Operators Manual




(Specifications at 120VAC line voltage)

Individual Interface Specification j7/ (each of two dividual interfaces)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu at two-wire)

Two-Wire to Four-Wire: -60 dB

Four-Wire to Two-Wire: -60 dB

Two-Wire Input

Crosstalk (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu)

Impedance:5,000 ohms +loo%, -20% single ended,

10,000 ohms +100%, -20% differential

Operating Levels:-20 dBu to +O dBu, nominal

Two-Wire Output

Impedance:5,000 ohms 20% single ended,

10,000 ohms 2Wo differential

Operating Leve1s:O.l mA to 10 mA, nominal

Four-Wire Input

Impedance: 10,000 ohms minimum single ended,

20,000 ohms minimum differential

Operating Levels:-10 dBu to +8 dBu, nominal

Four-Wire Output

Impedance: ohms single ended or differential

Operating Levels:-10 dBu to + 8 dBu, nominal

Transfer Functions (Duck Level set to no ducking)

Voltage Gain, Four-Wire In to Two-Wire Out*

Level Pot 100% rotation:O 3 dB

Level Pot 50% rotation:-15 dB 4 dB

Transfer Functions (Duck Level set to no ducking)

Voltage Gain, Two-Wire In to Fow-Wire Out**

Level Pot 100% rotation:22 dB 3 dB

Level Pot 50% rotation:8 dB 4 dB

Frequency Response (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu input)

Four-Wire Input to

Two-Wire Output:200 hertz to 5 kilohertz, +1,-4 dB, typical

Two-Wire Input to

Four Wire Output:250 hertz to 5 kilohertz, +1, -4 dB, typical

System A to System B,

Two-wire to Two-wire

200 hertz to 5 kilohertz: -50 dB,



Operating:OO to 50' celsius

Storage:-40 to 85O celsius

Humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing

Mains Voltage

Standard: 120 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

*P Option:230 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

#D 0ption:lOO volts + 10%. -5%, 50-60 hertz

Mains Amperes

StandarkO.2OA @ 120 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

*P 0ption:O.lOA @ 230 volts 10%. 50-60 hertz

#D Option:0.22A @ 100 volts + lo%,-5%, 50-60 hertz


Height:1.72 inches ( 44 millimeters)

Widh8.19 inches (208 millimeters)

Deph8.00 inches (204 millimeters)


SSA324***:5.0 pounds (2.3 kilograms)

MCP1:l.O pounds (0.45 kilograms)

MCP2.1.0 pounds (0.45 kilograms)

Finish: Thermoplastic front panel, aluminum case, light gray finish.


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