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Telex (RTS) SSA324 System Interface

The Telex (RTS) SSA-324 is a 2 Channel Intercom System to System Adapter allowing interconnection of RTS and Clearcom Systems as well as other brands.  It also adapters Telex (RTS) 2 Wire intercom systems to Telex (RTS) Adam and Cronus Intercom Matrix Systems, Clearcom Matrix and Reidel Matrix Systems.

The Model SSA324 is a System to System Adapter (or interface).  It interconnects the voice signals between different intercom systems. In addition, it can optionally interconnect "Calls" or tally signals between systems. Each SSA324 includes two two-wire to four-wire converters. The four-wire interface can deliver and accept high level signals such as those from the McCurdy intercom system. An SSA324 can also function as a two-wire to two-wire interface by interconnecting the two individual interfaces at the four-wire level.

The SSA324 carries two voice channels when used as a dual two-wire to four-wire interface, and one voice channel when functioning as a two-wire to two-wire interface.

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What's Included:

1 SSA-324

1 Power Supply

Operator's Manual

1 25 Pin to XLR Adapter for System A & B Input/Output

1 25 Pin to 2 Ethernet RJ-45 Connector

1 RJ-45 to RJ12 Connector for Adam/Cronus Interface

1 25 Pin to Bare Wire Terminal Connection Box




Operators Manual




(Specifications at 120VAC line voltage)

Individual Interface Specification j7/ (each of two dividual interfaces)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu at two-wire)

Two-Wire to Four-Wire: -60 dB

Four-Wire to Two-Wire: -60 dB

Two-Wire Input

Crosstalk (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu)

Impedance:5,000 ohms +loo%, -20% single ended,

10,000 ohms +100%, -20% differential

Operating Levels:-20 dBu to +O dBu, nominal

Two-Wire Output

Impedance:5,000 ohms 20% single ended,

10,000 ohms 2Wo differential

Operating Leve1s:O.l mA to 10 mA, nominal

Four-Wire Input

Impedance: 10,000 ohms minimum single ended,

20,000 ohms minimum differential

Operating Levels:-10 dBu to +8 dBu, nominal

Four-Wire Output

Impedance: ohms single ended or differential

Operating Levels:-10 dBu to + 8 dBu, nominal

Transfer Functions (Duck Level set to no ducking)

Voltage Gain, Four-Wire In to Two-Wire Out*

Level Pot 100% rotation:O 3 dB

Level Pot 50% rotation:-15 dB 4 dB

Transfer Functions (Duck Level set to no ducking)

Voltage Gain, Two-Wire In to Fow-Wire Out**

Level Pot 100% rotation:22 dB 3 dB

Level Pot 50% rotation:8 dB 4 dB

Frequency Response (Reference: 1 kilohertz, 0 dBu input)

Four-Wire Input to

Two-Wire Output:200 hertz to 5 kilohertz, +1,-4 dB, typical

Two-Wire Input to

Four Wire Output:250 hertz to 5 kilohertz, +1, -4 dB, typical

System A to System B,

Two-wire to Two-wire

200 hertz to 5 kilohertz: -50 dB,



Operating:OO to 50' celsius

Storage:-40 to 85O celsius

Humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing

Mains Voltage

Standard: 120 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

*P Option:230 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

#D 0ption:lOO volts + 10%. -5%, 50-60 hertz

Mains Amperes

StandarkO.2OA @ 120 volts lo%, 50-60 hertz

*P 0ption:O.lOA @ 230 volts 10%. 50-60 hertz

#D Option:0.22A @ 100 volts + lo%,-5%, 50-60 hertz


Height:1.72 inches ( 44 millimeters)

Widh8.19 inches (208 millimeters)

Deph8.00 inches (204 millimeters)


SSA324***:5.0 pounds (2.3 kilograms)

MCP1:l.O pounds (0.45 kilograms)

MCP2.1.0 pounds (0.45 kilograms)

Finish: Thermoplastic front panel, aluminum case, light gray finish.


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