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Pesa Cheetah 32 X 32 HD-SDI Router
Cheetah 32 X 32 HD-SDI Router

Includes the following Router Panels

Pesa RCP-TP Router Panel

Pesa RCP-MLDT Router Panel

The Pesa  Cheetah 32 X 32 HD-SDI router is a sophisticated platform with a great deal of power in a small box.  Ideal for a 3 to 5 camera production, this router gives you the strength to easily accommodate complicated productions.

The router is delivered with a simple 32 X 32 Matrix configured for 5 Router Panels but can be custom programmed for your shoot.  A lap top is included with the software necessary to reprogram, and remote assistance is available if the Lap Top can access the internet.

The RCP panels can be connected using XLR cable or Coax, depending on your Cable Distribution Set Up.

Daily Rental Rate

Weekly Rental Rate

Monthly Rental Rate




What's Included:

1 Pesa Cheetah 32 X 32 HD-SDI Router Frame with Power Supply and control board

1 AC Cable

2 Weco to XLR and Coax Adapters for Router Panels

4 Pesa RCP-TP Router Panels with Connections for XLR and Coax

1 Pesa RCP--MLDT Router Panel with connections for XLR and Coax

5 Router Panel Power Supplies

2 Weco to XLR and Coax Router Panel to Frame Connectors

1 Shipping Case for Router Frame

1 Shipping Case for Router Panels and Power Supplies


Cheetah 64 NEX

Operators Manual

What's Not Included:

No XLR or Audio Cables to extend the Router Panel from the Router Frame.  XLR and coax cable is available as an option.



Digital Specifications
Connector Type BNC - 75Ohm
Return Loss >15dB from 5Mhz to 1.5Ghz
>10dB, 1.5Ghz to 3GHz
Input cable equalization SMPTE 259M - 300m
SMPTE 292M - 100m
SMPTE 424M - 80m
Based on Belden 1694a or equal
Output Signal Level 800mV, p-p, +/-10%
Output Signal Polarity Non-inverted
Digital Signal Performance (Inputs / Outputs for Coax)
Re-clocking Auto-detect compliant with SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M
Rise/Fall Time < 600 ps, +/- 10% | SMPTE 259M
< 270 ps, | SMPTE 292M
< 135ps, | SMPTE 424M
Overshoot < 10% of amplitude ( max.)
Alignment Jitter < 0.2UI , 100kHz to 150MHz
< 0.3UI, 150MHz to 300MHz
Timing Jitter <1.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 259/292
< 2.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 424M
Operational Mode Selections AUTO - detects correct signal type
MANUAL - force to a specific format
BYPASS - allow signals to pass w/o reclocking
Data Rates Supported 143Mbps to 3.0Gbps
Sync Reference Specifications
Sync Input Connector BNC X2
Sync Input Impedance 75 Ohm
Sync Input Return Loss > 40dB, 100kHz to 5MHz
Sync Input Level 0.37V p-p to 4.0V p-p
Sync Input Type NTSC, PAL, Black Burst, or HD Tri-Level
Cooling Forced air front to back
Operating Temperature 0-40 degrees (C)
Operating Humidity 10-90% non-condensing
AC power connections
64NEX IEC - 60320 connector
95VAC to 240VAC, 47-63Hz, 600 W Max
Control and Interfaces
Panel communications RS-485 / 3 pin detachable
Control communications RS-232 / 422
Connector type 9 pin D-SUB, RJ-45
Control system Pesa 3500pro with Pesa Windows 3500 Software
Mechanical & Cooling

Cooling Internal cooling fans with auto sensing speed adjustments
2 fans
Dimensions 19.00W X 7.00H X 21.00D
482.6mm X 177.8mm X 533.4mm

Specifications subject to change without notice
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