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Lance Design TDC-100

Lance Design TDC-100 Frame

Lance Design TDC-100 Frame Rare View

The Lance Design TDC-100 is an interface between Switchers and Disk Recorders like the EVS XT 2 and XT 3 Series, as well as Disk or SSD based Video Recorders such as Ki-Pros, Sound Devices Pix Series, Sony XDCam.  Any Recording Device that accepts Sony Protocol control over 9 Pin Serial Connections can be interfaced with all major brands of sophisticated switchers with P-Bus, or GPO Connections.
The Lance TDC-100 can also be used as a Controller for Video Recorders such as AJA Ki-Pros, Sound Devices Pix Series Video Recorders in which playback and recording capability of multiple decks with cues is required.

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What's Included:

1 TDC-100 Lance Controller

1 Lance Rack Frame

Operator's Manual

1 Switcher Interface Cable for Grass Valley Switchers

1 Switcher Interface Cable for Sony Switchers

1 Switcher Interface Cable for Ross Switchers

8 DB-9 to RJ-45 VTR Interface Adapters

4 LAN Cables for interconnection with Video Recorders and EVS Units



Lance TDC-100

Operators Manual

Manual - Lance Design TDC-100
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