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About Broadcast Lease

If you only had that piece of equipment, you would be able to increase revenue and develop stronger positioning within your market.  Banks rarely recognize the income potential equipment offers, especially in the high-risk Television Production and Digital Cinema business.

We completely support you through the application process and provide one-on-one personal service.  We can intelligently discuss your needs for we have a complete understanding of the technologies and their application in the entertainment business.

We recognize what new or used equipment offers in terms of growth for your company.  It increases flexibility, reduces outsourcing or rental expense, and takes a liability and makes it an income source. 

BROADCASTLease specializes in the Leasing of Television and Digital Cinema Production and Post-Production equipment.  We have intimate knowledge of the equipment and it's potential, and can structure leases that others may affix unrealistic terms or not even consider.  We also understand the technology so we can assist your company in finding the best affordable product whether it be new or used.

For companies in need of cash flow during protracted slow periods we have strategies and provide services that may allow you to produce income from your equipment.  We want to see you succeed and our approach reinforces your good business practices and allows you to reach the income potential of the assets you are leasing. 

Our funding sources are both traditional and non-traditional, including banks, venture capital, private equity firms, and individuals.  We only prepare and present your lease application if we feel you have a realistic chance of securing the funding.  This avoids the messy and intrusive application process if there is little or no chance of securing the equipment you need.

We try to make the finance process as easy as possible.  We will walk you through the application process if you wish, or you can fill out an on-line application using our secure web application page.