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Credit Implications

Whenever you borrow money, you must consider how it will impact your business and personal credit.  The discussion that follows speaks in generalities and may not apply to you personally or your business.  It is best that you speak with your financial adviser for the specifics that apply to you.

When you take out a loan or agree to a Capital Lease, it is registered as a liability on your books and credit report.  This directly affects your credit profile, reducing your ability to borrow in the near future.  Additionally if you fail to make a timely payment it may be reported and reflect negatively on your credit profile.

Most Operating Leases are treated as an expense item, the same as a utility bill or other recurring expense.  This is disclosed on your profit and loss statement, but is not held against you as a liability which funding organizations are more critical of.

Operating Leases give you enormous advantages in terms of your credit rating, but also have positive tax implications in most cases, and a reduction in the amount paid monthly.