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Flex Lease

We are completely committed to your success.  Companies often go through cyclical slow periods in which cash flow becomes critical and your equipment is dramatically under utilized.

BroadcastLease may be able to offer our FLEXLease Option if you should find yourself in a cash short position and unable to make full payment on your equipment.

There are two offerings.  

This allows you to make interest only payments and extends your lease.  You keep the equipment and use it as needed to generate new sources of revenue until profitability returns.  There are conditions and additional fees may apply.  This flexibility gives you a chance to recover without a negative impact on your credit, and give you some breathing room to re-establish your profitability.

FLEXLease :
This option is extremely useful for companies with no current projects for their equipment, but still have a future need. Rather than allow the asset to sit idle, we make arrangements for the equipment to be consigned as a rental to another lease client or rental house for a defined period of time.  This may generate enough monthly income to make the lease payment, but also develop additional income for your company.  All payments from the consignee are paid to BroadcastLease, and then we make the lease payment, charge a small fee, and any balance left over at the end of the month is forwarded to you.

We only consign your leased equipment to companies we know to be trustworthy, and the terms are very specific so you know any rentals will be properly reported.  We have developed relationships with several trustworthy rental houses that have agreed to add consigned equipment to their inventory, on an as provided basis.  Payment for these rentals is made on a monthly basis and is usually done so about 15 days after they have been paid for that specific rental.

The equipment is either physically located at your facility until needed or relocated to the consignee, depending on the type of equipment and demand for it.  Once your need for the equipment has been re-established the equipment is returned to your premises and the consignment agreement ends.