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Lease Back

For companies that own some or all of their production equipment we can offer Lease Back Financing.

We buy the equipment you already have full ownership of and then lease it back to you.  This Lease plan allows you to quickly cash in on your equipment for those times when you are experiencing cash shortfalls or have a project that requires financing beyond your current means. 

To be eligible the equipment must be fully owned by you or your company.  There can be no liens or claims on it or ownership by any other party.  

For equipment with liens or a loan against it, and you have paid off at least two-thirds of the loan or lease and the equipment has significant market value beyond the existing balance on the loan or lease, there is a chance we can buy the equipment from the creditor and then lease it back to you.

If you share ownership of the equipment with another person or company then they have to agree to the leaseback before any application can proceed and they will be required to participate in the application for a lease.

Leasebacks can be a financial solution when you need the cash, but do not have the time or fortitude to seek out new financing arrangements for an unsecured credit application.