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Used Equipment Leases

For many companies new equipment can be difficult to fund because of moderate to poor credit or being a new company without an extensive credit history.

Used equipment may allow you to acquire the assets you need and reduce your lease payments.  

Most funding sources require collateral for new equipment leases so the financial organization's risk is minimized or eliminated.  When new equipment is purchased there is an immediate depreciation that reduces the assets collateral value, often requiring the applicant to put up additional collateral.  

Used equipment's depreciation factor is considerably less, and may allow you to secure a piece of equipment, with little or no additional collateral, based on your credit history.

Not all used equipment is eligible for a Fair Market Value lease as we or the industry have determined the equipment has little or no future value in the marketplace.  For a used equipment lease to be initiated it must have true future value so that at it's end, if you choose not to retain the item we are able to sell it.  

For used equipment to be eligible for lease we examine it's  physical and operational condition. We make sure it will have the longevity to provide you with functionality for the term of the lease.  

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